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The Indian girls are appreciated all over the world for their delicate beauty. Their awesome looks, fine complexion and delicate skin offer them a look that turns them into beauty diva. One such ethnic accessory is Dupattas. The Indian Dupattas made of fine transparent and delicated fabric worn over ethnic Kurti or Salwar. Dupatta is a long, multi-purpose scarf that is essential to lots of South Asian women's suits, matches the woman's garments and worn by women of all ages. Dupattas are made of several types if fabrics- both natural as well as man-made. Loosely woven cottons and the best muslins of delicate chiffons and shimmering silks.


The word Dupatta is originally from Sanskrit a combination of Du meaning two, and Patta meaning strip of cloth. Dupatta veil is believed to have evolved from the ancient Uttariya veil, worn by women in ancient period as three-piece attire. It was worn as a symbol of modesty. While that symbolism still continues, today, many wears as just a decorative accessory. A Dupatta is traditionally worn across both shoulders and around head. Dupattas are made of several types if fabrics- both natural as well as man-made. They are made of crude and loosely woven cotton and finest muslins, of elegant chiffons and shimmering silks. The designs of the dupattas are myriad and altered only according to the skills and the fancy of the wearer.


There are different types of Dupattas for different occasions, such as wedding ceremonies, from the yellow and green of the Mehendi, to the glorious red of the bridal dress. For the special appearance at the occasion like your wedding or close relative wedding, Dupattas are of major significance in wedding ceremonies. Dupattas are used in conservative societies, Dupattas are used to as cover to protect the modesty of the woman. Dupatta is a symbol of femininity.  It not only signifies modesty, but also enhances the beauty of address. Dupatta is also seen as a representation of culture and tradition. In fact, there is a recent trend of wearing a fashionable scarf with western clothes like skirts and pants in order to give it a more ethnic touch.


Here are some best Dupatta draping patterns for the designer Lehengas for women.


Front Flowing Pattern

Front flowing pattern looks so classy and elegant on the women. For this type of pattern, one needs to create the pleats and pin it at the left shoulder. Dupatta falls on the front to reach up to the floor and then fix one end of Dupatta at the forearm of the right hand. You should be very careful about the way you take this pattern, so that it can’t slip off your arm. This pattern is best for reception occasion and is mostly preferred by Bollywood celebrities. Fashion Lovers can buy Bollywood Lehengas for women for the best designer look with this Dupatta draping pattern.


Double-sided Pattern

Double side Pattern is actually a unique combination of conventional seedha and ultra-mod ulta pallu. In this, you have to put a Dupatta corner on the Lehenga a little left from the navel region. Now wrap around the lower back and bring it at the front side. Tuck the Dupatta on the left shoulder just like a Saree. This is seedha pallu look. Bring the loose part of Dupatta from under your left arm and put at the Lehenga where the first corner of Dupatta is fixed. So the second end must be under the first end. This pattern is best for the traditional look and anyone can buy the Lehenga for women online at best price from famous Lehenga Choli online shopping store.


Casual Pattern

Casual drape Pattern is the best pattern for embroidered Lehengas for women that have a heavily embroidered bodice as this pattern doesn’t hide the Choli completely. Fix one end of the Dupatta at the left side of the Lehenga. Now bring Dupatta from behind at our left arm over the head and leave the Dupatta loose on the right shoulder. The variation of this pattern is available. One can leave Dupatta loose on the front side. You can also wrap the loose corner of Dupatta at the wrist. Gorgeous women can buy designer Lehengas for women from the collection of Indian Lehengas online to try this pattern.


U Pattern

This is best for heavily embroidered Bollywood Lehengas for women. Make crisp pleats of end of Dupatta and pin at the left shoulder, so that the Dupatta falls on the front side till the waist line. And then, bring Dupatta on the front side by placing it on the right shoulder. It makes a 'U' shape at the back side. For the wedding ceremony, one can put Dupatta over the head.


Dupatta has been around from time immemorial and taken on a multitude of shades. The number of fabrics used to make Dupattas has increased hugely through the ages, but the everlasting favorites will always be silk and cotton, and will remain that way. Fashionable Dupattas are available online. One can get different styles of scarves as well as Dupattas from the online stores. A very simple Salwar suit can look amazing when teamed with gorgeous Dupattas. Buying Dupatta online is a rising trend as there are several instances that the online stores have richer collection than its physical boutique.


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