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Palazzo Pants are women's long trousers cut with a loose, extremely wide leg that flares out from the waist. Palazzo trousers are popular as summer season in style, as they are loose and tend to be flattering in light. Palazzo pants are back in style. Popular in the 70s, this outfit was known as ‘elephant pants’. Most women are unsure of sporting this look because of the flared style. However, if one knows how to carry it off and match it with the right tops, shoes and accessories, Palazzo pants can be worn by almost anyone. These pants are best worn in fabrics that are flowy, soft and limp. Palazzo pants can either be fitted till the knees or flared from knee to the ankles or be flared right from the thighs.


In both cases, the waist sits tight fitted and flat with no pleats. There is no such fashion rule that only tall women can flaunt palazzos. Instead, Palazzo pants with Kurta can be worn both with heels and flats and can thus be worn by both short and long women. The pants come in large varieties ranging from quirky boho-prints to simple single hued ones. They are extremely comfortable to wear and are perfect for hot summers when jeans can feel uncomfortable. They are very versatile in the sense that they can be easily worn for different occasions. Numerous celebrities worldwide has also been seen wearing these pants. Fashion is geared more towards comfort nowadays; it’s all about being comfortable yet chic at the same time.


Since the time Palazzos have made their entry into the fashion industry, Jeans are almost gone. What better way to beat the heat than by sporting some ultra-chic and highly complacent Palazzo Pants in various, unique ways? Many girls are apprehensive about embracing the Palazzo style because of the fear of looking bigger than usual exists. But this is not correct. Ladies with a big built can get the Palazzos as per their body type and for those who are small in height, they can actually look taller if they wear Palazzos with heels. Color block your favorite pair of Palazzos with a solid colored top.


Neutral shades are safe and easy but you could completely style yourself with an edgy approach by going in for bold and bright colors. Mixing prints are like Indigo Print Palazzo, Ajrakh Print Palazzo, Batik Print Palazzo, Wax Print Palazzo, Bagru Print Palazzo, Bandhani, Bandhej, Bagh Print Palazzo, Ikat Print Palazzo, Kalamkari Print Palazzo, Mangalgiri Print Palazzo, Discharge Print Palazzo, and Vegetable Print Palazzo take a big risk in the world of fashion. But don’t let it get to you because you can pair your printed Palazzo pants with a printed top. And if you are thinking about the price, then you don’t need to worry because Natures Block is the online and offline platform where you can visit and select your favorite Palazzo with various patterns and colors.


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