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Sarees is known as the hearts of millions of people all over the world. Indian Sarees are considered the advantage of cultural and regional diversities of the country. Indian women in ancient times used to wear Saree in their house and at festive occasions. Sarees have spread their wings across the world. Though the origin of the Saree started in South India, many women across the world have begun wearing Sarees for the pure love of its design and comfort. Indian Sarees are simple yet gorgeous with available in a mesmerizing variety. Each different state and region has a variety of Sarees to offer the world.


India is a culmination of different cultures, creed and language. Saree and Salwar-Kameez both are the traditional dress of Indian women. Even though Saree is a common dress, it is worn in various styles in all states of India. Indian Sarees have become popular in abroad. Little wonder that Sarees have covered the international markets by a storm. Even though Sarees are worn by other countries people such as Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, the Sarees of India are quite exceptional. There are several types of Sarees that are found in India more popular than others Sarees. The most popular choices in the modern age is chiffon, patola, banarasi sarees from the east and a range of classic silk ones from the south. In modern times, there are different types of sarees:


The Dhoti Saree

The Dhoti Saree is the latest view for the traditional silhouette. This Saree has the most important western inspiration and contemporary look. The modern dhoti Saree attracts attention from many Indian fashion lovers. In the next few seasons, we have to see such styles on the red carpet and also on Bollywood stars as well.


The best color palettes for the dhoti Sarees are red, coral, blush tones of pink and many more but the style can also be in powder blue and gold. What we can add to the dhoti Saree is a delicate with fine jewelry piece to have the perfect outfit.


The Khadi Saree

Khadi Sarees are going to have a revolutionary in the fashion industry. However, Khadi Sarees are not for everyone, this style is for people who love Indian clothing, color palettes and fabrics. These Sarees are worn with silk blouses and delicate embroidery on the Saree. Khadi is an eco-friendly, natural and versatile fabric. When someone wears a Khadi Saree, the most impressive thing is that's very light and feels like a second skin.


Some of the best colors for Khadi Sarees are yellow, indigo blue, alizarin red, pomegranate and lots of.


The Gown Saree

Gown Sarees are easy to fit with having feature an elegant silhouette. You have to put on the outfit, almost as easy as wearing a dress, and you will ready to go for events such as cocktail party, weddings and card parties, there is an increasing demand for this kind of Saree. The most useing fabrics for gown Sarees are chiffons, brocade, georgettes, silk and Lycra. With gown Sarees, you can opt for solid colors and strong embroidery textures, since the style suits a bolder look.


And concerning the accessories, bangles and earrings are the best to accessories this kind of Saree.


The Pre-Stitched Saree

The pre-stitched Sarees available in different forms which we can have narrow pallus but also fixed pleats. To have a perfect look with this type of Sarees, add a textured instead of an under-skirt. And then, maybe you can play with the cuts of blouses to create an interesting outfit. Concerning prints or textures, 3D embroidery on the Saree will be perfect.


From South India

South India is among the leading producers of fine and elegant quality silk. South Indian Sarees are known to reflect the tradition of the region through its wonderful patterns.


The Gadwal sarees

Gadwal Sarees are woven from cotton fabric and are distinguished by the silk Border with Pallow. They carry zari work and are produced in Gadwal, the region from which they get their name.


The Kanjivaram sarees

Kanjivaram sarees are among the choicest varieties found in the south. These are most popular for their wide borders and are mainly manufactured in Tamil Nadu. They carry a heavy price tag, depending on the decorative work done on them.


The Pochampally ikat style sarees

Pochampally ikat style Sarees are famous for its beautiful geometric patterns. These are woven from silk, cotton or an exquisite mixture of two fabrics. Pochampally Sarees are famous for their tie and dye style.


The Puttapaka sarees

Puttapaka sarees from the state of Andra Pradesh are produced by a unique type of tie and dye known in the village of Puttapaka. These Sarees are often sold by the name of Ponchampally Sarees as well.


Konrad saree, Chettinad saree, Mysore silk sarees are some of the other popular types of sarees from South India.


From North India

 Some of the famous Sarees from North India include Banarasi Sarees, Kota Doria Sarees, Tissue Sarees, Jamavar Sarees etc.


The Banarasi sarees

Banarasi Sarees have become as the iconic symbol of the holy city of Banaras. These give the tough and high competition to Patola sarees of the west as these are the finest varieties available in India. Exquisite zari work in gold and silver, the quality of silk and the embroidery make them highly demanded.


The Kota Doria sarees

Kota Doria sarees are produced in the famous Kota district of “Rajasthan” mostly of cotton. Light and transparent in their form, these sarees are known for checkered patterns.


From East India

Each region of India has their own uniqueness in the Saree patterns and draping style.


The Sambalpuri ikat

Sambalpuri ikat is produced in Orissa and is handwoven. It contains symbolic motifs like the shell, the wheel and also the flower. Besides, these are well known for being tie-dyed.


The Kantha silk and cotton sarees

Kantha silk and cotton sarees are produced in west Bengal. These Sarees got their name from the embroidery technique used in the creating process.


The Tant sarees

Tant sarees produced chiefly in West Bengal are conveniently suited for the hot climate. They are wearing by Bengali Women and woven from threads of cotton fabric making them light and transparent. These Sarees are the most popular for regular use.


The Chiffon Sarees

Chiffon Sarees from Cooch Behar, a district in west Bengal has taken the whole market with its softness and elegance of the material, making it a highly fashionable choice and well suited to the climate of India.


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