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A stylish women's top and tunic can really transform an outfit, allowing you to make a bold statement or create a finishing touch, depending on your style or the occasion. Tunics and Tops have been a very popular fashion trend over the past year and till now. This hot trend is still going strong, and the tunic will continue being a must have item this spring and summer season. Women's tops are available in a huge range of styles, from dressy and professional to effortlessly casual. These tops are longer and fit over the hips with a hem that will wind up about the middle of the thigh. They are usually quite billowy allowing for a versatile fashion style.

For every day wear, casual women's tops such as shirts and vest tops are a good choice. Brighter colors are very much on trend for summer, while in the winter season and more understated colors tend to work better. The tunic is defined as a loose fitting outfit that could easily fit the women, and generally sits past the knees. The definition of the tunic has changed over the years as it is primarily a women's outfit and it has a few rather distinct features. These tops are normally low cut and shaped a bit differently than your average T-shirt. The idea behind the tunic is to be form fitting without actually hugging the body.

There are different variation tunics that women should be aware of, as adding them to their wardrobe would be extremely beneficial. The most common tunic is the creation of polyester and will easily hug the body. If such a top were to use an elastic material, then it would not be needed though it is often added for decorative purposes. So, Versatility and comfort, both are make tunic tops such a popular item with women. The unique cotton printed tunics made from 100% cotton and made to be cool in the warmer months of the year. It is made from the finest cotton fabrics, and it is made with vented sides and sleeves. This type of tunic is cut so that it ends up fitting at the hip, and it is very light weights.

Plus size tunic tops have become a staple for women with a little more to cover. The tunic is an item that is worn in a variety of ways. The styles are trendy and provide a good complement to other items of clothing. Plus size Tunic tops are designed to cover those problem areas. The garment hangs almost to the mid-thigh and covers the bulges we would rather not have attention drawn to.

The following are the top 3 styles in tunic tops for this season.


Wave Print Tunic Top

A fashionable top with a banded empire wait that also includes strategically placed darts to provide it a ruffling effect. The print looks as if someone used a brush to paint the waves onto the fabric. The color is reminiscent of beach sand that gives the wearer a flattering appearance with a dramatic flair. The tunic is made of and cool knit that is imported and woven with a bit of spandex for just the right amount of hold. The item is machine washable and cost as little as 27.00.

Dolman Sleeves on a Tunic Top

This tunic is a fashionable and flattering garment with full dolman sleeves that hang just below the elbow with a small cuff. Made from imported Pima cotton and can be worn for special occasions or everyday use. You can get one in denim, white or black and they are excellent items to match with pants or skirts in your existing wardrobe. At 16.00 this tunic that hangs a full 33 inches is a great deal.

Monaco Tunic

If you have a bit more to keep under wraps, this is the perfect tunic for that. The top is a bit longer than most and sports a "V" shaped neckline. It is 35 inches long, giving you more room in the midsection and. It hangs almost to mid-thigh covering up what you want to keep hidden.


The tunic has a pocket to further accentuate the stylish but pleated, yet, modern look in the front. Side slits and other detailing makes this top one that can handle days in the office and nights on the town. For more formal occasions an understated look is key. Tunic and blouse-style T-shirts are very classy and office appropriate. It's generally best to stick to lighter colors such as cream and sky blue. Complement with some equally women's trousers or a long skirt. When shopping for women's tops it takes the time to find an attire that looks great and that you feel comfortable in.

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